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Five Forward Favorites

Listed below are some of the wonderful delicacies that can be found on the menu of the Five Forward Lounge. Clicking on the names of the tasty treats will give you the recipe so that you can make the item at home.

The items are divided into food, family-friendly drinks, and those for our adult members only (read: alcohol-enhanced). If you happen to have a recipe that you feel would make a good addition, let us know. We are always looking to expand our selection.

One bit of advice from Quark for those who may have a party in Five Forward: "Rule of Acquisition #48: The bigger the smile, the sharper the knife." So, look for the one who has the biggest smile when it is time to slice the cake.

Tasty Foods

Filename File Description
Apricot Chicken Sweet and tasty way to cook healthful chicken breasts
Banana Nut Cake Simple tasty sweet treat for any time
Belgian Street Waffles Great for breakfast or anytime you are in the mood
Chateaubriand Delicious, savory steak dinner for two and highly recommended by Vic Fontaine (as well as Odo and Kira Nerys)!
Cheeseburger Soup A tasty way to have a cheeseburger without the bun
Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies If you prefer chewy chocolate chip cookies over crunchy, here is the recipe for you!
Chicken Pot Pie This tasty classic was created by Chef Fabio Viviani
Chilaquiles A Mexican egg entree often served for brunch. The recipe is for a single serving. Scale up for more, as needed.
Chocolate Caramel Cookie Bars A tasty combination of shorbread cookies, caramel, and milk chocolate! What could be better? Maybe dark chocolate?
Energy Bites A tasty combination of oatmeal, honey, and peanut butter
Heart of Targ Sorry but this is actually made with lamb hearts. Very tasty, though!
Picard Day Cookies Sugar cookies to commemorate Picard Day, June 16th
Provencal Vegetable Gratin Another tasty vegetarian meal made with zucchini summer squash
Sisko's Stuffing A tasty bread stuffing recipe enhanced with tarragon
Spinach Supreme Quick, easy way to cook up a tasty spinach and cheese meal
Squash Tian A tasty vegetarian treat made with zucchini and yellow squash
Huevos Domingos One of Captain Sparky's favorite dishes from his childhood
Star Trek Gingerbreads Not your typical gingerbread men: these are your favorite Trek characters!
Turkey Meatloaf Tasty, healthful alternative to a ground beef meatloaf and something easy to prepare while aboard ship during Thanksgiving


Filename File Description
Orange Julius Orange Juice that is cooler and tastier
Peach Smoothie A nice, refreshing peach smoothie with a hint of banana
Raktajino Raktajino as a workday pick-me-up
Vulcan Spice Tea A spicy tea for those with strong palates. A flavor the adventurous Vulcan or maybe Klingon would enjoy. (Well, at least Worf...)


Filename File Description
Arcturian Fizz A rum drink with lemonade and strawberries
Borg Queen Apples, apples, and more apples--Sorry, no Macs!
Borg Sphere A punch bowl's worth of Midori and Bacardi goodness
Cardassian Cooler Midori, vodka, and Triple Sec: simple and flavorful
Chaotica's Death Ray This is one drink that will knock you back if you like rum and fruit juices
Deanna's Chocolate Obsession Chocolate and raspberry cocktail that will make any chocoholic happy
Harry Mudd Bailey's and Goldschlager, yum!
James Tea Kirk This is a stiff drink that will definitely raise your eyebrows
Liquid Latinum A strong and tasty layered drink that is a favorite among Ferengi
Mind Meld Sweet and strong, it will probably melt your mind instead
Orange Julius The same as the breakfast drink above but with a touch of rum. Yum!
Orion's Belt Midori, rum, and pineapple juice: great tropical cocktail
Pattern Buffer Start with an Orion's Belt and enhance it with more of the tropics
Raktajino Raktajino as a strong but tasty cocktail
Risa Colada Tropical drink of rum, piƱa colada, and iced cream
Saurian Brandy Vanilla vodka, banana, and chocolate: it's a banana split in a glass
Stardrifter OJ, pineapple juice, vodka, and more make this a tasty fruity drink
Tamarian Frost A sweet drink with half & half that Bailey's lovers should enjoy
Tranya Balok's favorite: pineapple, cranberry, rum, Amaretto, peach schnapps
Warp Core Breach This punch bowl concoction will definitely breach something!
Beer Equivalences You didn't think those beers of Quark's were really exotic, did you?